(design) rhino, autocad, photoshop, inkscape, illustrator, indesign

(physical) hand-cut collage, CNC, lazercutter, woodshop, painting, sketching

(moment making) event planning, public engagement, public activations, collaborating

(knowledge) botany, ethno-botany, art history, ornithology, culinary arts, design thinking, systems thinking


May 2016 - Bachelor of Environmental Design (honours) at the University of British Columbia


June 2016 - October 2018 - Eleanor Arkin Catering for Metro Vancouver Sustainability Toolkit

June 2017 - Co-founded Frida&Frank with Renée Miles and Haley Roeser

October 2017 - Placemaking Week Amsterdam Workshop - Seasonal Effective Design w/ Renée Miles & Haley Roeser

November 2017 - Urbanarium Talk - Celebration and Diversity w/ Haley Roeser

December 2017 - Lumiere at Jim Deva Plaza ‘Meet the Placemakers’ Talk - Rainy City Design Solutions w/ Haley Roeser

November 2017 - February 2018 - CityHive Youth Hub co-Lead w/ Haley Roeser

January 2018 - Pop, A Rainy Day Refuge Event Organizer w/ Haley Roeser

April 2018 - Backyard Biodiversity Researcher - Botany assistant in Los Angeles Study

June 2018 - Vancouver Design Week activation at Robson Square w/ Vancouver Design Nerds

August 2018 - Jiànzi Jam - Shaping the Courtyard at the Vancouver Chinese Garden

August 2018 - Tools for Women Speaker - Placemaking at Makerlabs

September 2018 - November 2018 - Tools for Woman CNC course teacher